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Some things never change

When I lost my original Maer Chair due to hackers, I thought I’d lost everything I’d ever written online but thankfully I’ve found a lot of bits scattered about my PC in various folders.
This is something I found from 2008.
And nothing ever changes.
The original post is in italics. A little more is added at the end.

Today I ventured into Yahoo chat again.

A big mistake.

It never ceases to disappoint me.

There was a time when chat was the highlight of my day.
There was a time when dropping by my regular chat room allowed me to have a virtual conference call with half the world.
A time of day when my friends would be online and we would chat for hours after a day in work.

I remember the old user rooms with fondness. Remember being able to find some semblance of order online. A place that helped me learn and explore the submissiveness in me.
It was a place of like minded people where protocol ruled.
A room that reflected the society we wanted to have.

It became a haven for many.
It was a place we could sit and relax and talk about what we were without the fear of being outcast or ridiculed.
For so long, admitting to being involved in the BDSM/D.s scene simply wasn’t an option.
It meant you were viewed as being a pervert. Something dirty to be around.

Then slowly the scene started to become mainstream and people began to look again at what it is.
But then the media got hold of it and once again we became a thing of ridicule as people thought we all wore leather, were chained to posts and all had what they called kinky sex.

Even recently one of our national red tops ran a feature on an actress who wore “kinky bondage shoes”. Now there is nothing kinky about her shoes at all. NO shoes are kinky. NO clothes are kinky. NO sex in kinky…in fact nothing at all anywhere in any shape or form is kinky simply due to the fact that to some people somewhere in the world it is normal.

The media always seems to show anything with straps of leather on as kinky…lol

I have had people in the past assume I am a Domme simply based on the clothes I wear and yet they could not be further from the truth. What is worse is that they use the term Domantrix without actually knowing what it is!
I have had people who have passed comment on my sexual nature without having the slightest notion as to what I am.

And this morning in chat…well suffice to say that it didn’t disappoint me at all.
It is the pits. It is as though all the children have left home, abandoned the castle that was ours and left it to go to rack and ruin.
It is as though all that is bad about society gathers online to see what damage they can do.
It is as though word of mouth as given rise to a notion that chat online is where you can abuse people. Where you can be rude to people. Where you can be the very basest of things known to man. Where you can act out a stupid fantasy and not reap the consequences.
There are people in the room I visited who have been online for 10 years or more the same as myself and those very people were part of the growing of our online community and now…I watch them behave and respond to silly people in a manner they would never have done had the old time real Masters/Doms been online.

I remember…several Masters in our old chat room. Strict but fair and loving. Always courteous and honourable. Never rude or abusive. Men who naturally commanded respect from other men and women in the room.
I spent my time in their company, learning about myself as a submissive. I learned how to think for myself. How to respect myself. How to spot wannabes. How to judge others. How to just be myself.
And the freedom I found online allowed me to slowly become the person I am today.

I am no longer an in your face confrontational kind of woman.
I have no need now to be a ball breaker.
I have left behind of me all that was bad for me.

But…I cannot seem to leave chat. Now and then I will call by again. And I will be left just as disappointed as always.
Why can’t I just walk away from it and stay here or on the other Blog?
Why do I torture myself with the hope that one day things will return to normal in Yahoo?

They will never return to the old high protocol rooms of yore.
Technology and the PC do gooders have seen to that.
They who decreed that ALL chatters in ALL adult rooms are perverts and child molesters. They who forces Yahoo and MSN to do away with user rooms. User rooms that were self moderated. User rooms that were often for invite only chat. User rooms that allowed freedom of speech. User rooms that allowed us to pass word of anything or anyone unsavoury in our midst.

Now…we have no user rooms.
Now we have silly people in open rooms that should know better. But don’t.
Now the rooms are full of silly self-centred people who act up like children for attention.
Nowhere these days can you go in a room and have a proper adult conversation.
Nowhere can you find anyone who wants to discuss anything in an adult manner.
It is as though the net has become the channel through which we can pour all our spite and meaness.
Which while taking it away from real life leads me to believe there is a serious breakdown in social manners and behaviour and one which is underground online.

The good old days are gone and the bad new ones look like being here to stay.



Now, things are even worse. Key board warriors thinking it is ok to sit and abuse, bully and vilify people simply because they have a different opinion to others.
People sitting at home or on their phones tap, tap, tapping away like crazies because they can’t control their tempers.
Years ago in the chat rooms we used to block rude people.
Oddly both Twitter and Facebook have that facility and it’s one I use often. VERY often. I let warriors drill themselves so deep with temper then WHOOSH…gone. Blocked forever so I can’t see them.
Why don’t people just do this all the time?
I don’t understand the whinging and whining of people about the so called abuse they get online. Just BLOCK the them hahahaha

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