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Odd Things I’ve noticed

Over the years I’ve made bones about the fact that I’m a Tory voter.
At times I’ve chosen to say little about my politics as I was bought up to never discuss politics or religion unless it was with a close group of friends who respected your views and knew you respected theirs.
However, of late, I’ve stopped taking that view and wear my political allegiance proudly.
If Labour, LibDems, Plaid and the SNP can do so then so can I.
And I should be allowed to do so with impunity.
However, the ultra left as always and the misguided loud Labour supporters online seem to think that freedom of speech is something that only belongs to them and only if it what they think.
This is clearly not true.

I am a staunch supporter of freedom of speech. On all sides.
Whether someone else’s view is not mine is not a problem. Nothing other people say offends me because no one GIVES offence, people TAKE offence. And frankly it’s with worst non word in the world.
I find SOME opinions diametrically opposite to mine.
I find a lot of comments passed in the heat of the moment inappropriate.
But I’m NEVER offended by someone else’s view.
In fact sometime having a different opinion is the best way to start a healthy debate about a subject.
But them we have people who say another person’s view is wrong. Offensive. Unhealthy. Bad. Biased. On and on with words that shut down debate.
And without a good strong debate we simply have a dictatorship with free thinking is banned.
So while you may not agree with and I may not agree with you, I think if we all stopped…took a breath…and actually listened with our ears and digested the words, we’d all learn to be a little more patient and a little more tolerant.
Remember just because someone doesn’t think or believe the same as you, no matter how repulsive you may find their views, they ARE that person’s views and you need to remember that they CAN think differently.
They are allowed to do so.
Just as you are.

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