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A Day Alone

Some time ago, a post appeared on FB, a meme, exhorting us to do things alone.

To go out alone, to have a drink alone, to take a walk along, to spend the day alone.

I find this rather odd as I read alone, I knit alone, I crochet alone, I game alone, I do my garden alone.

And yet…there is talk that young men in particular should not game alone. Should not spend so much time alone online. Should go out and mix with other people. Should do sharing things…but I digress.

Today, it’s a rota day off.

I am alone.

The MoTH is at work. I was woken early by a screaming brat who wanted her “Nana”. Her nana wasn’t home today and the child woke the street I’m sure.

But…thanks to her screaming I made a decision to get up early and not lie about the bed.

Called the doctor’s by myself. Watched an episode of Sebrina on Netflix by myself, stripped the bed by myself, sorted out the laundry by myself, went to the doctor’s by myself. Then…because I had to wait for the meds, I went shopping by myself. Then horror of horrors, I decided to have a full English breakfast, in a cafĂ©…BY MYSELF!

What is this horror of doing things by oneself??

I fetched my meds by myself. Walked home by myself. Hung out the washing by myself. Went back into the main street by myself. Came home by myself. Started the ironing by myself. Sat and watched the tennis by myself.

And now, I am sitting here by myself typing this.

Being alone isn’t always bad. Being alone can be healthy. Being alone can be a space you might need in order to recharge yourself. It’s a place that should be embraced. Loved. Welcomed.

Now, I’m off to cook. By myself.

Enjoy you bymyselfness

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