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A Day Alone

Some time ago, a post appeared on FB, a meme, exhorting us to do things alone. To go out alone, to have a drink alone, to take a walk along, to spend the day alone. I find this rather odd as I read alone, I knit alone, I crochet alone, I game alone, I do… Read More A Day Alone


Coming Home

This time last year we were finalising the preparations for our week in Carcarsonne. This year, we are already here. A long day with travelling but at least this time we knew our way around once we’d arrived It’s odd how this time last year we were nervous about being in a foreign country and… Read More Coming Home


Another new old post

Ranting Again Below is a post that I added to a Note written on Facebook on one of my friends’ profiles. I know he doesn’t hate me for being English. Far from it. But lately I think sometimes my very Englishness lends itself to me starting to believe whilst he may dislike the English because… Read More Another new old post


Hello world!

Well after some oiks hacked my blog I’ve lost everything I’ve posted for the past three years. Some may say this is a good thing. Some may say not. My daughter would prefer me to write on paper but I love this private space. I have luckily backed up a lot of old posts which… Read More Hello world!